Chinchilla breeding

A.G.E. d.o.o. owns a farm and chinchilla breeding facility. We breed over 1000 animals annually and export them into the EU market. The farm is equipped to the highest modern standards, including a ventilation system and air conditioning for the protection of animal safety and development.

Purchase and sale

We offer the purchase and sale of raw chinchilla furs. We purchase raw furs at best prices from all breeders all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you are a breeder and want to place your furs on the EU market, contact us.


We offer help and consulting for people who decide to start their own fur farms, or for those who already own farms but are experiencing problems or need optimization.

Our primary focus is on highly productive, strong, and healthy animals. Our criteria for choosing animals for breeding is their fur quality and assessment of their parents’ genetics. In order to be able to choose animals for breeding one needs to have years of experience, as well as to work on a chinchilla farm daily.

We own it.