Chinchilla fur farm in Vlakovo

Chinchilla fur farm in Vlakovo

As an unemployed doctor of veterinary medicine, Hasan Agić opened a chinchilla fur farm in Vlakovo three years ago. Annually he exports about 500 animals into the European Union.

He ensures that chinchillas from his farm enter the European market alive.

"We all talked about starting an export-oriented project, and this is exactly that. Another reason why this project is interesting is that it gives a chance to rural parts of our country to have this kind of industrial development. This activity should be stimulated, and not reduced by such radical approaches”, he said for N1.

Hasan adds that this business has a good perspective in our country. He already plans on expanding the company and to have more employees; however, this is not going to be possible if this activity is forbidden as of January, 1st next year.

If this happens about 150 farms all over Bosnia and Herzegovina would be closed, states Agić. Employees are afraid of this scenario, because they would lose their jobs.

"I haven’t observed animals being tortured since I have started working on this farm. Animals are not tortured here, but they are bred here. If someone doubts my words, they can come and have a look. I am a person with disability and I have been unemployed for a long time. So now one should close this chinchilla fur farm and leave us unemployed and hungry? Of course, no one would give me a job tomorrow.”

According to the owner, chinchillas on this farm are treated like pets. Dimensions of cages that they live in are according to European standards. They live in air-conditioned rooms and even listen to music.

They reject allegations about animal torture.

"Our opponents’ arguments are based on emotional messages. We are really giving our best to create the best living conditions for animals here because this results, of course, in fur of better quality which we can more easily place on market. Thus, it is to our advantage to create ideal conditions for animals."

The House of the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to make its decision about whether the ban of animal fur breeding in BiH would be postponed for ten years. The breeders and representatives of animal protection associations will have the opportunity to present their arguments at the public hearing on September, 5th.

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